Motherhood – The gift of hidden seasons – Kirstie Le Lievre

I love Philippians 1 verse 6, which promises that God will complete the good work he has started in our lives. This good work can and does unfold in seasons of ease and flow, but sometimes even more so in seasons of stretch, growth and challenge.

The gift of life starts out hidden, growing for 40-odd weeks, tucked away in the womb until the big reveal at birth. Pink-coloured, messy, crying, limbs outstretched. Here I am, world! A baby is born.

My son Myles arrived in June 2020 and I began my journey as a mum during Melbourne’s lockdown. Motherhood, in the early, formative weeks, has taught me much about what is formed in hidden seasons.

Just as my baby son grew for those months, hidden away from the world in my womb, mothering is often done quietly.

There are long days at home, wakeful evenings tending to little ones in shadowy hours. There is no photo moment, no pat on the back for the messy-haired mother scrambling out of bed and rubbing her eyes at a 3 am wake up.

The unseen hours can feel long and thankless. Who else has a newfound respect for our parents who made the same sacrifices for us?

Sometimes there is no-one but God to witness our sacrifice and humility as we ask Him for help and strength again and again. Yet, there is value in the hidden, growth in the dark.

I think of David fighting off lions away from the crowds, long before Goliath appeared.

I think of the first thirty years of Jesus’ life, obeying his parents and learning carpentry.

I think of Joseph faithfully looking after Potiphar’s household long before taking a leadership position over Egypt.

Whether we are being prepared for a great moment ahead or for greater obedience in everyday moments, we can take comfort that when we submit ourselves to God, we are being grown into the person of God he has made us to be.

The hidden seasons are not unseen and what is formed in the dark can be the most fruitful and formative times of our journey as believers.

To the mums and dads waking up in wee hours, perhaps reading this single-handed while caring for your little one, I see you. And more importantly, God sees you and he’s smiling upon you.