24th May Devotions

Read 2 Chronicles 20:17

When you receive a new book, do you flip to the last page and read the ending first? Reading the ending would ruin the story! When it comes to following Jesus, knowing the end is a good thing. Why? Because God has already had a plan to make everything right. In the end, God wins!

That was true for God’s people in 2 Chronicles. God told them not to worry, that the battle had already been won. The next morning, God’s army took their battle positions but instead of charging toward the enemy, they begin to praise God. The opposing army became confused and turned on one another. God won the battle just as He said He would.

Sometimes we forget that we already know the end of the story. We don’t have to be afraid or lose hope. God is with us and there isn’t anything too big for Him. We can keep going, keep moving forward with determination because God knows the end of the story.

Ask God to help you remember that with Him on your side, you win! So you can keep going knowing He is with you.


Read 2 Thessalonians 3:13

What happens when you get tired? Are you cranky? Do you push through it or do you fall asleep the minute you sit down somewhere?

Everyone gets tired. Our bodies need rest. But the kind of tired this verse is talking about doesn’t involve a pillow and a comfy blanket. This kind of tired happens when doing the right thing doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere. This tired happens when everyone else is doing the wrong thing or when it seems like no one is paying attention to your wise choices anyway.

Sometimes it just seems easier or even more fun to follow the crowd. That’s when you have to tap into determination. Just like the end of a race is way more important than the beginning, we have to keep making choices that honor God and others. Because God sees every good deed, every kind word, every act of obedience. He knows when you’re tired and when you ask for His help, He will give you the strength you need to keep making the wise choice.

Write out the words for today’s verse on a card and place it near where you sleep. As you go to sleep tonight, ask God to help you keep doing the right thing with determination.


Read 1 Corinthians 15:57

When someone helps you, do you remember to say, “Thank You!” Saying thank you is important.

One of the keys to determination—to sticking with something to the end—is thankfulness. Why? Because God has already done the most amazing thing ever by sending His only Son Jesus. Following God isn’t just about doing the right thing so we can be seen as “good.”

Following God and obeying Him is a big way we show Him that we love and trust Him.

When we live the way God wants us to live, we are showing gratitude for all He’s done for us by sending Jesus.

So let’s practice! Think of one way you can thank God (besides just saying “Thank you”). You could write God a song or poem. You could thank God by choosing to do one thing tomorrow that He’s asked you to do that’s really hard for you. Let’s thank God for the determination He gives us to keep going! And don’t forget to keep practicing this weeks memory verse, which is the one you read at the start!



Read Ephesians 6:10

According to todays’ verse, who can make you strong?

God is the one who can give you the strength you need to keep going.

His power is unlimited.

Remember, He’s the one who created the entire world. He’s the one who sent His only Son so that you could have a relationship with Him, forever.

You can depend on God—put all your trust and confidence in Him—because He loves you. There isn’t anything you will face tomorrow or the next day or twenty years from now that is too big or too hard for God.

How many chairs are there around the table at your house? Grab that many index cards or scraps of paper. Write out the words of today’s verse on each one, then tape them to the back of each chair. Every time you or a family member sits in one of those chairs this week, talk about how you can depend on God’s mighty power just like you trust that chair to hold you up. Spend some time thanking God for His mighty power that helps you keep going with determination!