Hampers Of Hope

”As I did laps around North Melbourne with a Hamper of Hope in my car, I knew God had someone that needed to know He sees them & loves them. Running out of time on my last lap I saw this man sitting on a ledge and my spirit kicked and I knew this is the guy. I walked over said hello, elbow bumped and found out his name was Carlos.
I shared how God lead me to meet him and wanted to gift him the hamper and he was blown away because he had been received no support during this challenging time. I learned that Carlos also believes in Jesus & shared how He’s always felt Gods comfort which was amazing. As he tried to lift the hamper not realizing how full and heavy it was I noticed him grimace in pain. I said I believe in miracles and he said: “I believe in miracles too”. Laying hands on his shoulder we prayed and afterwards, he said he felt heat all through the area and that the pain had gone!
We chatted about being a part of church online, bumped elbows and both went away hearts full & smiling at the goodness of God.”

We love this moment yesterday Ps Craig had and so great to seeing the Hampers of Hope bring Gods love to people.