Nathan & Heidi’s Story

“This year,  Nathan & I were believing that this would be the year of home, so met with a mortgage broker in January. By the end of February we’d successfully bid on a property at auction & were set for 60 days settlement. Then the Covid 19 impact started to be felt in Australia.

I’ve worked in retail for over 8 years and whilst colleagues were having their hours cut back, mine stayed the same and Nathan continued to work from home.

We reached settlement ‪on April 29th‬ & started moving & painting the new place. It didn’t quite feel real. I even battled feelings of guilt that we had managed to get this home despite everything else.

Whilst we painted, Nath & I got a lot of time to reflect & chat. During one of these chats we were taking about our legacy pledge & working out what we had committed. Turns out that our pledge was 1% of the price we paid for the new house. Tithing & giving is something we’ve believed in & known that God would see us through. But this is the first time we’ve had it reaped at 100 fold.

I love how God had seen us through & provided for us. We both know that this home is a place that will be able to bless others.”