How can we be Joy-Full in the ordinary?

We all want Joy and God has purposed for us to have joy, yet we can look for it in all the wrong places. We can think when we get the next job promotion – then I will have joy, when I get a new car –  then I will have joy, when we get a house – then I will have joy etc.. And all of these things are good, but they are only temporal. 

Lasting joy is found in trusting God! 



What stood out to you from the Joy- Full message, and why?

         “Joy is the outcome of trusting God”– Ps Nadia Clark

What does trusting God mean?

    • Trust is built on the revelation of Gods goodness



Romans 15:13
Psalm 34:8

What is one area in your life that you are not trusting God with?

What are the outcomes of trusting God?

      • The outcomes are joy, peace, hope and power of the Holy Spirit 

What practices start to build our trust in God?

      • Spend time alone with God in Pray and in His Word
      • Be aware of what the Holy Spirit is saying to you
      • Fast and pray
      • Surrender completely to God

What could it look like to live fully trusting God with overflow of Joy?




      • Lord, teach me to trust you
      • Lord, give me strength to remain in you



    • Surrender your life completely
    • Take small steps to trust God fully
    • Envision a different type of life. A life in the overflow of joy, peace and hope