No matter our age or stage in life, God has positioned us all with opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. Esther, a young orphaned Jewish girl, is chosen to become the wife of a King, making her Queen Esther, who risks her own life to save her people’s lives. This week, lean in and discover how God has positioned each one of us with a call to impact our generation with the reality of Jesus.



Q. What stood out to you from Sunday’s message ‘Positioned for a Call’, and why?



Esther 4:13-16

‘Who knows? Maybe you were made Queen for just such a time as this.” 


Q. Do you sometimes wonder about your position in life – why you are where you are? Scripture teaches that God has placed us where we are for His purposes. What opportunities are around you, in your family, workplace, homes, community, to partner with Him in the work of His kingdom?

  • We, too, are positioned today to fulfill the purposes of God in our generation. The timing and place of our birth are not accidental! God purposely and specifically places us all in certain time frames and places. Many people spend their entire lives never knowing what their purpose is, but perhaps it’s because they try to choose what’s best and most comfortable for them rather than follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. God’s will is not always easy, but it is always worth any sacrifice we need to make.


 Q. What is one area of your life that you find a challenge to surrender to God?

  • Esther reached a point where she was willing to put aside all her own thoughts, plans and ideas. She was even willing to die if she needed to in order to obey God.


Esther 7:3

Queen Esther answered, “If I have found favour in your eyes, O King, and if it please the king, give me my life, and give my people their lives.


Q. A generation was counting on Esther to put her own comfort aside, even at the risk of her own life. Others were counting on her, and others are counting on us! How can we be intentional about bringing Jesus to people in our everyday?

  • Being aware of opportunity to share faith and testimony
  • Fast and pray
  • Awareness of what the Holy Spirit is saying to you
  • Spending time and being filled in God’s presence 


Q. Esther found favour in sight of the king and received what she had asked for. Do you ever hesitate to ask Jesus, King of kings, for what you need or desire?

  • Because of Esther’s sacrifice and bold step of faith, God used her to save a nation. She was more blessed in God’s will than she could ever have been anywhere else. God delights in blessing us and fulfilling our hearts desires and He provides us with the grace to fulfill the plans, purpose and call He has for us.


 Q. What could it look like for you to be fully living in the call God has for you?



  • Lord, help me to know the position and call you have for me
  • Lord, give me the courage to respond to the call
  • Lord, teach me to follow you
  • Lord, show me opportunities to share Jesus with others



  • Give thanks for all God is doing and going to do through your life
  • What practices can you do to bring greater Holy Spirit awareness
  • Commit to taking steps to align your choices with your God call
  • Share with your connect group or with a friend what you desire to see God do in you and through you in this season of ‘Come, follow me.’