The CAP Money Course provides practical and easy steps that can revolutionise the way you see and manage your money. Gain Budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that really works. This course will help anyone to get more in control of their finances, so they can budget, save and prevent overwhelming debt.

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We've currently gone online with our Money Matters course. Now you have the choice to either receive a one-on-one course or book in for a group class. Simply email or call to book in which is your preferred option.

John & Deneice's Story

My husband and I heard about Money Matters Budgeting Course through LIFE in North Melbourne. We had been with a budgeting program for some time which charged a weekly fee. Over a yearly period, this amounted to a large yearly expense. We believed we were now disciplined enough to manage our finances but still needed foundational guidelines.

This is where the Money Matters course gave us the tools and confidence we needed. We categorised our expenses, into weekly, monthly and yearly accounts. We could see how our accounts were balancing, and that long-term goals were achievable. Another great thing for us was in our budgeting, we stayed within it, and could see that if we didn’t have the cash available, we didn’t go to the credit cards. That’s where our debt happened.

The program presentation was so easy to follow, and the step by step booklet visually complemented the course. To be shown such valuable tools in the everyday management of our finances is great. So much freedom is gained from knowledge.

There is access to extra help whenever needed, and everything is available to anybody, at no cost. Such an opportunity, not to be passed up.

Chris & Claudia


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