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"Honour the Lord with your wealth"
- Proverbs 3:9

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At LIFE, we believe it is our privilege and responsibility to honour God in the bringing of our tithes and offerings to our local Church. This timeless principle is God’s prescribed way to fund the Church’s mission on earth. We’ve streamlined this process with the ways to give below, to help make the opportunity to give quick and accessible.

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We believe in giving out of conviction and not out of compulsion

A tithe simply means a “tenth”. Tithing is our tangible way of bringing to God that which belongs to Him, anyway. It’s our obedient response to His clear command to bring the first tenth of our income into the storehouse. God’s promise is that our obedience brings us divine protection and provision. We don’t tithe to “get” we tithe to glorify God and live in alignment of His word.

What about offerings?

Offerings are our free-will giving, over and above the tithe. God speaks about the principles of sowing and reaping, and free-will offerings, in every area of our lives, and this includes our finances. Please prayerfully, intentionally and responsibly consider the offerings you give – according to your personal conviction and to the measure of your relationship with God. We don’t advise people to go into debt to give offerings, but this is between you and God.

It's a pleasure not a pressure

At LIFE, we believe it is our privilege to honour God in the bringing of our tithes and offerings to our local Church and partner with His Kingdom here on earth. The posture of our heart when giving matters and we love that God emphasises in 1 Cor 9: ‘Give cheerfully, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful heart’. When we consider all the incredible ways in which our giving enables so many to receive, gather, be cared for, find home and most importantly discover Jesus, it really is a joy and honour.

What are the consequences either way?

At LIFE we do not differentiate in our care for anyone based on giving. Giving is a personal matter between you and God. And if you follow this, or decide against it that is between you and God. We will continue to love and support every person who wants to be part of our church, without regard to whether they give, or not, and how much they give.

Want to know more?

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Ps Paul de Jong our founding pastor has paved a pathway of Godly insight and revelation that has enabled financial freedom for literally thousands of people as they have discovered and applied Godly wisdom and biblical principles. Click here to discover more and be able to order his book God, Money & Me.