We're bringing the adventure to your home this Sunday!

We've got videos & family resources for both preschool and primary aged children. Check them out below!

Primary • Prep-Grade 6

New episodes coming this Sunday for all our Primary aged Adventure Kids!

While the adults of the house are enjoying Church Online, we have a special content for all the Adventure Kids out there! Packed full of fun with everything that kids love most about our Adventure Kids programme including games, competitions and a video message with familiar faces lead the way. To be part of the adventure, just set up the kids with another screen in the house.

Check out the family discussion guide based on our bible story from this Sundays AK online episode. Use it to create conversation and encourage application.

Pre-school • 1-4years
Below are videos to help engage your pre schooler in bible teaching and worship. Follow Emily, the main character and her friends to discover how the bible can be applicable in each of our lives.

Included is a family discussion guide and activity to help further conversation during the week.

Daniel and the Lion’s Den

Isaiah 41:13, and answers the question, “What do you say when you’re afraid?”


Queen Esther

Joshua 1:9, and answers the question, “How can I be brave?”


David and Goliath

Titus 3:1, and answers the question, “How can my heart match God’s heart?”


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