If you love church, this is how you can help others to love it too!

Do you love to make people smile? Do you love to make someone's day? Do you love helping others?

We believe that serving on team is an expression of love for God, the church and others, so check out some of the ways that you can make a difference on team, doing the things that you love!

Reasons to love being part of a team

Friendly People

Serving on team is good chance to meet some great people! Connect with others interested in similar areas as you, as together you help build church in a warm and friendly environment.

Feel Fulfilled

Finding purpose in serving others is wrapped into the design and calling God has placed on your life. Joining a team and exploring areas you enjoy helps you feel fulfilled and remain connected to the bigger picture God has for you and for His Church.

Have Fun

The good news: serving is fun! Sundays and throughout the week are fresh as each one rolls by, and serving alongside friendly teams and an exciting atmosphere creates space for you to be a part of the fun too.

Find a team

What do you love to do? Select one of the options below to find out which teams you could be part of to make a difference, doing the things that you love!