A nutritious, hot meal within a friendly family environment

You are invited!

Our aim is to ensure the most vulnerable in our community do not go hungry. In such trying times,
there are individuals and families who may not always know where the next meal is coming from.

This is a new space for community to engage with each other around great nutritious hot dinners every Tuesday nights.

Individuals and families in North Melbourne and surrounding areas

Every Tuesdays 6PM

49-53 Buncle Street, North Melbourne



During snap lockdowns, food is an essential service. Due to this we change to a pick up service and offer fresh dinner pick-ups for collection on Tuesdays at 3PM. 

It is free to anyone but you must let us know by emailing how many meals you need.

Pick up is from LIFE – 62 Mark St, North Melbourne

For more information or to book meal pick up please contact us at communitykitchen@lifeau.org